Hair design = Life style
Bringing joy and beauty to our customers' appearance, heart and daily life. Providing the best design and hair care tailored to our customers' hair condition. Producing amazing quality hair, done by stylists with heaps of experience. Only proposing trending hairstyles that suit all of our customers. Allowing for an easy maintainance and easily recreated at home.
~ Beautifying everyone living in Singapore ~
Given up on trying new hairstyles? Due to the humidity in Singapore, it may be difficult to build on changes to your fashion. Lets enjoy new and amazing hairstyles. Replace old boring hairstyles with new fashionable ones. Bringing a new meaning to life with hairdesigns.
Short hair, bright colours, dark colours, perming or rebonding, while enjoying designing your hair, you will begin to have beautiful days ahead.
We promise a better and more colourful lifestyle when you dare yourself to change

about salon

・In 2016 - S.A.D's was launched.
・In 2020 - our sister salon, The Fluxus House was launched.
With 3 salons in Japan and 2 in Singapore, this line of salons were created.
Located in the heart of River Valley,
S.A.D's brings you a minimalistic and modern look while providing a luxurious amount of space for each customer.
Equipped with movable shampoo sinks, our customers are able to relax and enjoy the service without the inconvinience of having to move.
Fielding Japanese stylists with over 20 years of experience in our Singapore salons, every detail of each and every customer will accounted for.
This ensures that our customers will be provided with only the best services and skills.
From elderlies to children, American, Asians to Europeans, we have accomodated every customer.
We promise an amazing service towards everyone regardless of age and race.
access233 RIVER VALLEY ROAD #01-01,SINGAPORE 238291Open Tue.-Sun. 10:00 am to 19:00 pm.
Every Mon is closed. +65 6235 0570


  • DirectorAki
  • Manager Shuji
  • StylistMayu