2020.6.20The Potential of Persimmon Tannins ! Astonishing Results!

The Potential of Persimmon Tannins (Kaki-tannin)! Astonishing Results!

For those troubled by this and cannot provide the proper care for your hair and scalp, we have some special information we would like to share with you.

Does everyone know about persimmons? This unsuspecting fruit actually holds a high tannin content which we will be introducing here!

It is said that when the persimmons redden, the doctors turn ‘blue’(pale)! Whilst sounding like a certain English ‘apple’ proverb, this Japanese proverb is actually derived from a passage in a famous Japanese dictionary (Koujien). It summarises the reddening/ripening of persimmons signifying autumn, good weather. Less people fall ill and hence the doctors lose business and increasingly turn ‘blue’. Whereas this proverb’s actual meaning is to describe the delightfulness of the autumn weather, the persimmon fruit itself actually contains enough Vitamin C to rival that of lemons (scaring the doctors away as well?).


Has everyone ever eaten an astringent persimmon? For those of you who have tried one while it was still unripe would probably understand the feeling, but it really is quite unpleasant…

The true form of that astringency is persimmon tannins.

The amount of tannins contained in a persimmon is shockingly, about 20 times that of wine. Another comparison would be 70 times that of green tea. What benefits do these persimmon tannins hold?


◆The Benefits of Persimmon Tannins

① Deodorisation
The tannins bind with the components, transforming it into another substance, and thus effectively removing any bad odour.

Due to this effect, many deodorising products such as shampoo and body soap targeting “old person smell” (caused by the chemical Nonenal) and body odour, and even in-shoe feet odour prevention have been developed.

For those who have worries about body or scalp odour, try looking out for products that contain persimmon tannins for its high deodorising properties!

Persimmon tannins contain antibacterial properties which ward off microorganisms and viruses, useful for sterilisation and disinfection purposes. As body and scalp odour can be attributed to the propagation of such bacteria, we can expect great deodorising and antibacterial results from such products.

③Anti-oxidant Effect
The body produces oxidising radicals that fall under the “reactive oxygen species (ROS)”. These radicals derived from oxygen are generated from a number of essential life reactions but also have toxic effects when over-produced. The body also naturally contains antioxidants to prevent oxidative damage. In the normal human process of ageing, these ROS also play a part.

Greying/white hair, spots and blemishes, and even wrinkles are a result of ROS.

As persimmon tannins fall under polyphenols, they have high anti-oxidation effects which will limit the effects of these radicals. These benefits encompass anti-ageing and the prevention of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

④Skin Whitening・Tightening of Pores
Persimmon tannins are able to restrict the functions of cells which produce melanin, leading to the prevention of blemishes (pigmentation) appearing.

This will have a whitening effect on the skin and tighten the pores too.

⑤Strengthening of the Hair Cuticles
Hair that has lost its resilience and bounce, as well as volume can look forward to the advantages persimmon tannins can offer. The components which provide for hair care will strengthen the hair cuticles, in addition to guiding the hair towards an airy and bouncy texture.

Persimmon tannins contain a multitude of benefits, its ingredients offering peace of mind despite them originally being just a simple fruit. We touched on the deodorising effect earlier and it will definitely eliminate, not only scalp odour, but also the lingering smells after perming or hair colouring.

Troubles such as oxidation of sebum and sweat occuring on the scalp can also be prevented.

When using shampoo and body soap containing persimmon tannins, the health of the scalp and skin can be preserved, as well as odour prevention/elimination.

We have introduced this amazing superfood to you. Those who are interested can consider checking out the Global Milbon’s Volume Shampoo which contains the amazing persimmon tannins!


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